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General Acclimation

How I Acclimate TC Plants


Open the bag and remove the plant. Gently rinse with distilled water to remove all residual media and carefully trim off any dead leaves.

Soak for about 5 minutes in fungicide. I use diluted Mancozeb Flowable with Zinc.

Gently dip in rooting hormone before planting in damp sphagnum moss. I keep the moss and plant in a transparent cup with a domed cap, but if I’m doing multiple plants at a time I will use a larger plastic container and not use the cap. The toal is to replicate the natural environment of the plant, which in this case is around 77*F and 70% humidity.

When the moss gets dry, dampen it. After the first week I will add some LiquiDirt. The goal is to dampen the moss, but not soak it. Too much water can cause root problems, so it is better to be on the dry side than on the wet side.

Once the plant is in the moss, it is incredibly important not to mess with the roots. Don’t move the moss around trying to look at them. Don’t try to inspect them. Like Emperor Kuzco said, “NO TOUCHIE TOUCHIE!” Let it get established and acclimated to its new home. When it outgrows the moss it will be strong enough to transfer to soil or coco.

If you overwater and/or notice mold in the moss, use tweezers and small scissors to remove as much contamination as possible, and then spray the rest with diluted fungicide. I use Mancozeb for this as well.